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Client Reviews

I hired Mr. Weldon for my criminal case and I would definitely refer him to other people. He was a great attorney and very professional.


Ian has helped me on so many criminal cases as he is death certified and has been able to successfully keep his clients from dying at the hands of the State. He is a compassionate family law attorney and has an amazing talent in immigration court with an edge over the competition due to his fluency in Spanish and due to his passion for defending those who are helpless and disadvantaged. He is a lawyer’s lawyer meaning he knows the rules of evidence and the statutes inside and out and when an attorney has to battle against him, the attorney knows he or she had better come prepared. He is my “go to” guy when it comes to criminal and immigration for sure!


Awesome lawyer will fight for you til the end and not stop until you are really satisfied. He really put on a battle for me and went beyond my expectations I was on a way to do a long time for a 6 felony case and after that I was facing deportation. With all the knowledge Mr Weldon has I only did 3 moths in the county while Me and him was fighting my cases and got out with 1 year probation and I was able to be reunited with my family and my son most important I was never convicted so the felonies are not on my record it just shows as an arrest so I definitely recommend him as the best and honest lawyer in Duval county who will really go into a battle for you above and beyond. Thanks and God bless you Mr Weldon for giving me a second chance and believing in me. Without You I would of been lost in the system and then send back to Europe with no family left there and not ever been able to be with my son. I can’t say thank you enough. I appreciate your hard work day and night to fight for me and my family and most of all being able to make it affordable for me. Thanks again. And you know if I have any more problems you are on my speed dial but as you know I have changed my life and now I am working mom and a wife and I love it thanks to you I have my freedom and my family.